Booking and Reservations at the Deluxe Fitness Hotel

Benefitting from the hotel’s impressive services is only part of the experience at the Deluxe Fitness Hotel, the rest being filled by the amazing accommodation capabilities, which will be presented on this special

In order to receive so many guests each year, for the fitness center, Yoga course, wellness activities, as well as the casino, the hotel had to have an extensive accommodation facility and this can be easily seen when arriving there. With a staggering 200 rooms and 5 penthouses, the hotel ensures that even in the peak season there are enough places to allow everyone to fit in its facilities and enjoy the numerous services provided. Each different apartment type has variable rates and either using this special page or calling upon the information services of the front desk receptionists will allow all interested customers to learn more about each room type.

Reservations can be made using one of the numerous telephone numbers, by contacting the hotel using the provided form or by sending an email message and the trained staff will ensure that all inquiries are answered in a timely and fashionable manner. However, due to the increased number of customers during the peak season, the hotel’s staff wishes to kindly ask all those who submit inquiries for reservations or bookings in that period through email, to be patient as their requests will be responded to slower than usual.

Everyone can come to the hotel’s premises for spending a couple of nights and pets are also allowed in all of the rooms, therefore offering customers a high degree of leniency in terms of possibilities.

All those who are unsure about what to choose when it comes to accommodation, or have other questions and inquiries, are encouraged to learn more by speaking to the hotel’s staff and providing them with all the necessary details.