Enjoy The All-Natural Restaurant

To complement the impressive fitness and wellness services provided by the Deluxe Fitness Hotel, its exquisite restaurant offers all those who visit the location, a truly convincing experience of a natural, 100% GMO free restaurant, cesar_chavez-0-0which is focused on offering recipes and meals that, are best recommended for physical activities. More information about the restaurants specificity is provided on this page.

Being well known as one of the most conservative restaurants in the wellness industry, it will offer its clients only the best meals in terms of composition and aspect, having all of the emphasis on the natural and energetic value of the recipes. With a broad palette of recipes that are obtained using only the freshest ingredients available, the restaurant addresses both regular consumers, as well as vegetarians, having a multitude of courses for everyone’s needs.

To go with its impressive meat or vegetarian courses, the restaurant offers a great selection of desserts, which are maintained at a low caloric rate, in order to ensure that people do not increase their carbohydrate intake beyond the limits of their basal metabolism, this way ensuring that they are able to enjoy the recipes without adding any weight to the cleansed and toned bodies which underwent the fitness or wellness treatment.

Customers who are deeply concerned about the composition of different recipes and their caloric intake values, will be able to see detailed reports for each dish, which are provided as an included leaflet that can be found in the extensive menu. Details about the origin of the used meats, vegetables and flavorings are also offered, with certifications and purchasing dates, therefore making for a complete report about the provenience and quality of all the ingredients. The nutritional values and energetic estimates are also offered in the leaflets, enabling those who are passionate about calculating their intake to the last calorie to maintain a constant and transparent monitoring of their meal intake.