Explore the Deluxe Fitness Hotel

Having arrived at the Deluxe Fitness Hotel, all customers will be eager to learn more about the hotel’s impressive fitness center, Spa and casino and this page will help everyone5918510784_db8b1321e4_b contour their opinion about these facilities, even before arriving there, from the comfort of their homes.

Right from the start, people must understand that the hotel’s grounds are extensive and in order to be able to know all of its facilities, they will have to take their time and explore every corner, as there are numerous items to see and experience.

Starting with the large, underground parking that can hold up to 1500 cars and ending with the helipad that is there for customer’s safety, there isn’t anything that can be considered unimpressive at the hotel, and its staff prides at offering some of the most exigent services in the industry of fitness and wellness.

Arriving at the hotel will take customers through an exotic experience that starts with the welcome that is provided by the specialized staff, which will ensure that the car will be parked and that the entire luggage that customers might be caring with them, assigned to the booked room. The front office receptionists will make the check-in process as speedy and as courteous as possible, and after the swift registration process, customers can either go to their rooms and enjoy a couple of hours of well-deserved rest or directly access the hotel’s facilities: the fitness center, relaxation rooms or even the casino, which is open non-stop. Regardless of their choice, everyone will be satisfied with the level of professionalism shown by the trained staff and reaching the preferred activity location will be as easy as pointing it out on the hotel’s map.

Those who wish to train their body can immediately go to the hotel’s gym and leave themselves in the trained hands of the instructor, or those who wish to relax their soul can have a try at the Yoga class that is held three times a day, this way ensuring that everyone gets the chance to have their mind and body relaxed.