Range of Services Provided

Those who wish to find out even more about the different services provided at the hotel will find reading the following paragraphs rather useful, given that each text is presented so as to cover every detail, allowing people to make up their minds easily when it comes to what might work best for them.download-23

Having its main emphasis on the spa and fitness services, the hotel offers much more in terms of actual activities that one can participate in when visiting the facilities. The standard services that customers can access when arriving at the reception are the gym and Yoga rooms, which allow them to either train their bodies with or without an instructor or learn to let go of all thoughts by entering one of the three Yoga classes which are held every day.

Each participant at the gym training will be assigned an instructor, but those who have previous experience can perform the routines themselves, without the aid of others. The same goes for the Yoga class, where one can either attend for learning the techniques or perform his or her routine in the room for advanced users.

When it comes to those who can’t resist the temptation of gambling, the hotel offers through its marvelous casino, an array of games that are ready for players to try them and win lots of money. The most prominent games are Slots and Blackjack, which are among the most played at the Deluxe Fitness Hotel, thanks to their excitement and suspense.

Having finished one’s daily routine at the fitness center and casino, people can retreat to their rooms or enjoy a recipe prepared with great care in the hotel’s restaurant, famous for its broad palette and diversity, which is sure to satisfy the culinary preferences of many through its wild flavors.